Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi everyone, it's me, David Goldencaster again!
Today, I fought Malistaire Drake and met his wife, Syliva
When I entered the dungeon, The Great Spyre, I was amazaed, it was like a maze and it was filled with guards and rooms. The Dungeon didn't take so long, When we were about to enter Malistaire's Lair, we had to fight some Guards at the door (Decoying Draconians). After we entered the door, we saw Malistaire trying to bring his wife back to life, and we had to attack some souls.
Then a cutsence appeared, Cyrus and Malistaire were talking, then Cyrus summoned a illusion that looks like Sylvia, then Malistaire made Cyrus and the Illusion disappeared, then we fought Malistaire. We defeated him and another cutsence appeared, (I got a Myth Robe for Myth School Only O. O). Then Cyrus appeared again, and summoned a portal leading to Merle. Then I talked to him and Merle and Cyrus said good stuff to me ( Lol XD ) then I finished my quest! :D
P.S.- Here's a photo of the cutsence when we defeated Malistaire. :/

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Sea Lord Battle

Sealord - Storm - Rank 8 Boss - HP 8000
It's me again with Artur Dusk, and Megan Watercloud fighting the Sea Lord. We were really bored, so I decided to take Megan and Artur To A Boss In Dragonspyre, they were ok when we fought the Sea Lord (but Artur almosted die :/). The Sea Lord wasn't that hard you know. I bet the Gurtok Demon Is Even Stronger. - David Goldencaster

Friday, August 7, 2009

Meowiarty Battle

Meowiarty - Myth - Rank 6 Boss - HP 2500
Guards: Clockwork Wizard & Agony Wraith
It's me, once again got bored, so I asked my brother, sister, and my brother's "friend" if they wanted to do Big Ben, they all said sure. The dungeon took us about 20 minutes, I was getting tired, we also spilled milk and made Spike The Crusher mad for spilling milk. (Weird Right? XD) When we defeated Spike, we went up the elevator and fought Meowiarty. Haley was almost dying cause she went on ahead to fight Meowiarty. XD (I also got Spike's Amulet Of Smitty :P, By the way, Megan Watercloud got Spike's Bottle Of Milk XD.)

Prince Gobblestone, The Son Of The Fattest Gobbler

Prince Gobblestone - Balance - Rank 3 Boss - HP 600
Guard: Gobbler Gorger - Balance - Rank 2 Elite - HP 285
Unique Drops:
Snow Serpent Pet (No Card)
Today, I was REALLY bored. I was thinking about Prince Gobblestone, then
I had an idea, to make a post about the Son Of The Fattest Gobbler! Then I told Megan if
she wanted to help me with Prince Gobblestone, and she said Yes! :D.
After the Prince was finally defeated, We Headed To The Throne Room Where The Fat King Is.
The Fat King Was Eating A Tower. O. O (No Wonder He Is So Freakin Fat O. O)
So then, we teased him a little bit, we try to throw HOT stuff at him, but we realized that
he was probably dodging it or grabbing the stuff we try to throw at him and eat it. O. o

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jade Oni Battle

Jade Oni - Life - Rank 10 Boss - HP 7500
Earlier today me, my brother, my sister, and my friend went to fight Jade Oni.
He was a little tough though, but we finally slayed the beast.
I usually go and fight Jade Oni to earn stuff to sell for coins for clothing.
My brother's friend would usually beg me to help her fight Jade Oni almost everytime.
(Click The Picture If you can't see it well.)

Wizard101 Character

~David Goldencaster~
Master Thaumaturge
Ice/Storm/Fire Student
Hello, My Name Is David Goldencaster, thats me with my
pet, Baby Sasha. Thats My Castle In The Picture.
I enjoy defeating monsters and bosses just to earn stuff to sell to earn coins.
I have many friendly friends that enjoy helping and playing.
My Favorite Thing Is Just Hanging Out With My Friends, but sometimes we could get
a little too "wild". O. o